Passion: everybody’s doing it.

Passion. We hear a lot about it, as we loosely throw the term around as our generation tends to do (don’t get me started on the word “love” and its sporadic usage). The word itself has various meanings, and I often wonder if any one of us really knows what we’re talking about when we speak of passion. 

Here’s today’s FYI moment:


The origin comes from the Latin word pati, meaning to suffer. There is also an Old English origin which refers to a term mainly used in Christian theology. 


noun: passion; plural noun: passions; noun: Passion; noun: the Passion

1. strong and barely controllable emotion.

  • a state or outburst of strong emotion.
  • intense sexual love.
  • an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.
  • a thing arousing enthusiasm.

2. the suffering and death of Jesus.

  • a narrative of the Passion from any of the Gospels.
  • a musical setting of any of the narratives of the Passion.

For this sake of this blog, I will be referring exclusively to the first definition; something that gives you a strong emotion, something that you would willingly suffer for.

So where do you find this “passion”? How do you know what your passion is? Well, sorry to say that  I don’t exactly have the answer for that yet, because I myself am still figuring it out.

Some great posts I stumbled across might give you a spark of inspiration as they did me:

Okay, okay so if you’re still reading this and wondering “Cool, Haleigh, what’s your point?”, let me try to explain. Since this is the first official blog post, I figured I should write about what got this all started. You got it, passion. That very word has been consuming me lately. It’s just a word, but those who know me know how obsessed I am with quotes, words, and language in general, because it truly holds a power over the human soul.

I’ve recently graduated from college (recent as in just last month!), and I’ve moved back home, five and a half hours from the family I made at Central Michigan University. It’s been an overwhelming transition, I must say. I was extremely involved at school, being a member in a sorority (hey, hi to any Alpha Chi Omega’s reading!), sat on the Panhellenic Executive board, created crazy memories, all while studying Apparel Merchandising and minoring in Media Design. So you can imagine that my life has felt a little empty since moving home. All of the things that filled my life, passions if you will allow me to loosely use that, suddenly vanished.

I’m a planner, always have been, so the thought of my life not having a set course after college has been weighing on me. I am so blessed to have received a job offer straight out of school, and I really do appreciate it. But in my heart I know that I will eventually be looking for more out of life.

This got my little brain ticking… What is it that I want to do? We live in a society that expects us to know our path from a young age, probing children with the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. Heaven forbid we leave college having no idea what we want, but I’m starting to realize I’m not alone in this.

THAT is why I have started this blog. I’m 22, I have a college degree, I have a lot of interests and I have absolutely no clue what I want to do with these so that when I look back at my life, it’s something I’m proud of. This blog will be dedicated to all the adventures of finding my passions, discovering how to utilize them, and hopefully helping you find yours along the way.



thrive & be bold.


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