Scary Close– praise for a book that makes a difference.

I recently stumbled upon a book via a snapchat sent to me by a friend containing a passage from said book, and when I read it, I fell in love. You know those lines that just hit you straight to the core? Yeah, that was this, and I just knew whatever book it was from was filled with other wonders like the one in the snap. I asked my friend what book he was reading, and he led me to Scary Close by Donald Miller.

I’m a quote lover, amateur philosopher, constant question-asker, and continual thinker, so I’m naturally always looking for books, music, and movies that make me think and question things. I’ve never been in love, but I can truthfully say that I fall in love with ideas.

So if you find yourself relating to how I am, this book is a MUST read. I cannot say enough about it. Really, you should see my iBooks app and how many sections I highlighted; I pretty much all but highlighted the table of contents. Okay maybe that’s extreme, but really, this beautifully written piece is filled with little nuggets of wisdom that I related to, fell in love with, and will not soon forget.

If you’ve been reading my very few posts, (all of like, two. I know guys, I’m sorry, I’ll start posting more!) then you probably know I’m in a very transitional phase in my life right now. I’m in limbo. I graduated college two months ago, and according to the larger part of the world, I should be and considered to be an adult, yet in my mind, I’m still struggling to even know who I am. My mind is constantly battling itself, and Donald truly gave me at least a little bit of peace of mind with his newest book.

How often do you wonder why relationships just aren’t going right in your life? Romantic or not, and even the relationship you have with yourself, these can be severely altered by how you are approaching them. And chances are you probably don’t even realize how you approach relationships or why. I know I didn’t really give it too much thought until I read Scary Close. This book sheds light on how true intimacy can transform your

life and self, and how you can begin to move towards real intimacy.

Just a few of my favorite excerpts:

“I hardly knew who I really was myself, much less how to be fully known.”

“It’s just that beneath her strong exterior there’s fragility, so she doesn’t offer her heart to just anybody.”

“… Perform less, be myself more, and overcome a complicated fear of being known.”

“Even as she said this she smiled, as though sacrifice is makes a story beautiful. Hard but beautiful.”

“The more fully we live in ourselves, the more impact we will have.”

These are merely a few. This book is riddled with passages and lines that strike my heart and soul with wonder and realization. I really think this book would be good for anyone to read, because not one of us is perfect. We can always improve on our relationships, because they’re one of the only things that matter in this world.

It’s a short read! Less than 200 pages. Read it, and let me know what you think! I would love to hear your thoughts on it! Leave a comment or feel free to email me!



thrive and be bold.


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