Adventure update:

Where has the time gone?! I’ve been so busy and having so much fun that time has truly been slipping away from me. Like honestly, I just realized I haven’t posted anything in two weeks, but it hasn’t because there has been a lack of things to talk about!

So here’s a quick rundown of some of the fun happenings I’ve been experiencing in the past few weeks! Enjoy!

Concert Junkie:

The first step is admitting it, right? Well I’m not looking to be saved from this one addiction I have. There are few things in life that make me feel more alive than when I’m at a concert. It’s this crazy feeling of being surrounded by people listening to the same music yet feeling like everyone is blurred out and the music is only speaking to you (okay sorry, sometimes I get really nerdy-emotional about that stuff, I’ll stop).

Since being in Indy, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing four artists I’ve been DYING to see live:

  • Ed Sheeran, ohhh Ed. Like how can you not love Ed?! He was so perfect with his perfect British accent and his perfect rapping and his perfect perfectness. No but in all honesty, gonna make a bold statement and say that Ed Sheeran is possibly one of the best musicians since The Beatles. He can basically do anything, and he’s my favorite ginger. Okay I’ll stop.
  • Matt Nathanson is one hilarious mo-fo. I was honestly dying of laughter. He’s way cooler than I expected. I mean he was just so cool. So dang cool. He was also very impressively talented.
  • The Fray. Let me just fan girl here for a moment. Just kidding I can’t really fan girl over The Fray because my appreciation for them goes much deeper than the fan girl level. I was in my own littler world listening to them. Their music just speaks to every inch of my soul (sorry, nerdy again). It was such a great feeling to hear some of the music that gets me through a lot in person.
  • Train: I don’t care what you think about Train, Patrick Monahan is SO very talented. It was such a fun yet emotion filled concert for me. It was music I grew up listening to with my mom. It’s music that feeds every emotion you can possibly have. It was so great to finally see an artist that has been so instrumental in my life.

Visiting the Beginning:

This past Saturday, I had the surreal experience of visiting the very place where Alpha Chi Omega was founded. I sat on the steps that our founders walked on, I walked the same campus where the idea to begin a women’s fraternity that values all that I value was born, and I was surrounded by the sights that inspired much of what my organization is today. It was actually slightly emotional but you all know that I’m nerdy like that by now.

Let’s Eat:

Okay who doesn’t love food? If you don’t, you need to assess your life my friend. I just wanted to call some attention to some yummy places I’ve encountered around Indy!

SubZero Ice-cream and Yogurt is possibly one of the coolest places I’ve seen. You can MAKE your own ice-cream. Yes you read that correctly. You get to choose what flavors and toppings you want and then they freeze it right there in front of you! It’s SO COOL. I made Caramel Mocha with Chocolate shavings. #YUM.

Bakersfield was yum, yum, yummy Mexican food! Huge fan of the chips and queso.

Not pictured is this place called Bru Burger and let me tell you it was one of the BEST burgers I have had in my entire life. It was AMAZING. Perfection. Go. You need to go.

Townie Adventures:

Whether it’s walking around townie fests likes Carmel Fest, finding adorable stores downtown, or making friends with the local pets, Indy has been such a blast so far! Enjoy some pics!

Hope you’ve all enjoyed some of my adventures, and I hope you’re having some of your own! There are many more to come!

Until next time!

thrive & be bold.


PS: Laugh at Haleigh moment:

Totally gave my number to the piano player at Howl at the Moon and was denied. So that was cool.

Kay bye.


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