“To find beauty in the simple things of life.”

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetIt’s surprisingly easy to find beauty when you practice acknowledging that it’s all around us. Last weekend, a few of us took a little day trip to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. I love art, but I haven’t had the chance to wander around a museum in quite some time.

As I walked through the rooms and caves of hidden treasures from years past, I started to think about what makes art, art. Who determines if it is good or worthy to be in a museum? So I got to thinking, why do people create it? What inspires people to paint or sculpt or draw?

Looking at the wide variety of subjects within paintings, I came to a personal conclusion that art is just a visualization of what is important to people. That may be a certain historical event, a place, or people. I noticed a lot of paintings and sculptures of people. Because people, are important to people.

And then I realized something else; people are art. In and of themselves, people possess qualities that engage us, make us curious, make us feel emotion. I’m pretty sure that’s what art is.

And if people are art, I think I found the most beautiful art I’ve ever experienced. The people I’ve met here in Indy are every inch as beautiful as something you would find in a museum. They’re kind, intelligent, funny, ambitious, respectable, amazing people. The best part of all is that the people I’m referring to are Alpha Chi Omega’s. I get to call these extraordinary women my co-workers, best friends, and sisters, and I’m not sure how I am lucky enough to do so.

These women have taught me so much more about art and beauty than a museum ever could, and I’m so thankful to them for that. “To find beauty in the simple things of life” is easy when you’re constantly surrounded by beautiful people and good humans.

Okay, sorry, enough mushy stuff. Enjoy some of the pictures from IMA! (Which I thoroughly enjoyed even though you may not have gathered it from my writing above!)

Favorite Pieces:

More beauty:

Until next time kiddies,

thrive & be bold.



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