Summer Recap; my top 5’s

As I’m writing this, I’m currently laying on the bed of a guest room who belongs to a couple I met merely four hours ago. Why you ask? Well my car broke down, I got it towed to Sears Auto Center where I proceeded to go blow some money on clothes I’m sure I don’t need (but need is a relative term, isn’t it ladies?) until I got the call from the car dudes saying they wouldn’t be able to fix it at all and would have to call someone else to do it tomorrow. OH. So then my Dad called the minister of the local church and here I am, staying with a bunch of people I literally do not know while subsequently being forced to partake in evening services, high school youth groups and lectures on how I need to find a church in California and not let my work interfere with my spiritual health*. Fun. So even though I should have been in Illinois for a week off of work by now, I just can’t seem to get out of Indiana.

So anywho, since I’m now stuck in Indiana for another night (maybe two but pray for me please), I figured I’d take the time to recap one of the best summer’s of my life in a few easy-to-read, no fluff lists (aka I’ll try to keep the mushy stuff at a minimum… no promises).

Here goes:

Top 5 songs:

  1. David Guetta – Hey Mama
  2. Rachel Platten – Fight Song
  3. Andy Grammar – Honey I’m Good
  4. OMI – Cheerleader
  5. Silento – Watch Me

Top 5 faves:

  1. The 21 women I call sisters, co-workers, and best friends.
  2. Saying we were only going to stay out til 2am and somehow not coming home til 4am every weekend.
  3. Blasting the music on the way to work, laughing at everything, and just living with these women.
  4. Taking over the stage at Brother’s, or basically any stage we saw cause we love to dance and we know we’re good.
  5. Food with sisters. All the time. All the food.

Top 5 pics (wow this is hard):

Top 5 things I learned:

  1. I really care less about what people think of me than I thought I did.
  2. Take every opportunity that you get. Sure, some can be busts. But some can change your life in amazing ways.
  4. Soul mates exist; they’re called sorority sisters.
  5. You can handle more than you think; know this and you will always succeed.

Top 5 things I’m thankful for:

  1. Finding my bridesmaids.
  2. Finding my best friends.
  3. Finding more of myself.
  4. Finding really, really special people.
  5. Finding people who make my life just a little happier.

Top 5 ?’s I still have:

  1. Why do some people in Indiana have southern accents and others do not? Is this this south or midwest? I’m confused.
  2. Why do people like Elephant Ears better than Funnel Cake? Funnel Cake is so much better. Like come on people.
  4. Why do bars in Indiana require two forms of ID? Is my beautiful picture on my legal license not enough for you?
  5. What the heck does a Hoosier mean? Why? How? Who? When? Idk.

More favorite things cause I can’t make decisions in my life:

  1. ALL THE CONCERTS!! Ed Sheeran, Train, Matt Nathanson, The Fray. Like holy moly.
  2. Being citizen. I loved participating in Indy-type things.
  3. Being crazy with my favorite people.
  4. Nerd alert: FEA conference, workshops, learning, etc.
  5. Landing my dream job and realizing that I don’t ever think it will feel real.
  6. Taking risks, going on adventures; thriving & being bold.

These were some of the best six weeks of my life, and I have every person I’ve met to thank for that. It wouldn’t have been the same without this group of women. Even though it breaks my heart to know I won’t be surrounded by them 24 hours a day, I know that being separated will just make the reunion that much sweeter.

On to the next adventure; CALI (that is if I ever get out of Indiana)! One week countdown!

Til next time kiddos!

thrive & be bold.


*Disclaimer: These people are really nice for taking me in, and I’m being slightly rude, but seriously, these people are the definition of why others are annoyed by church goers. I digress.



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