Prepare for take-off.

There’s something undeniably beautiful about an airport. Seriously, have you ever thought about it? Maybe it’s the people-watcher in me, the need for me to stand on the outside and watch a special moment, but I can’t help but love airports. Maybe not the hassle of checking your bags or going through security or trying to figure out what is TSA approved, but there are a thousand little things I love about them.

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If you truly look around you (which you can often find me doing), you can experience a million emotions and adventures. You see excited faces of anticipation, or worn ones created by a long journey. You can see tears of happiness from being reunited with loved ones, or tears of sadness when they have to say goodbye. You can see generosity, as people help each other find flights or push luggage. You can see experienced flyers for whom to fly is part of his/her routine, and you can see first time flyers, wide-eyed with a mix of excitement and nerves. You can see people flying for business, pleasure, or if you’re like me, a completely new adventure. And have you ever noticed that you hear the most “I love you”‘s being shared while standing in an airport?

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Yep, an airport is a beautiful thing, and more so because if you take the time to be aware of the world around you, you get to share in all those little moments. You get to share the joy of people being reunited. You get to empathize with those saying goodbye. Standing in an airport allows you to feel like every emotion at once, and it’s a crazy feeling, but it makes you feel, in that moment, 100% human.

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So if you ever need a good reminder of the beauty of humanity, book a cheap flight to a new getaway location. And as you go through the airport and wait to board, I challenge you to sit, watch, and listen to all the beautiful, perfectly human moments that can be experienced while people are coming and going.

’til next time.

thrive & be bold.



Good thing I love airports guys, because my neighbor for the next year happens to be the one and only LAX. #wishmeluck

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Stay tuned for my next post about my first thoughts on LA!


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