The 25 Series

Well, it’s just a little over an hour til midnight, aka tomorrow, aka May 11th, aka my birthday, aka MY FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEARRR!


While I do enjoy my birthday (because who doesn’t?), it’s actually never been a day full of hullabaloo and crazy shenanigans… okay, those words are making me sound like my mother… so it begins.

ANYWHO, like I said, I’ve never been the girl who had a sweet 16, or a crazy 21st banger that I can’t remember, so why should I have expected 25 to be much different?


(Please sense my sarcasm)

It’s not.

I fully intend to have a pretty normal day: wake up, go smash some donuts at my favorite local joint (Country Donuts for any of you Northwest Chicago burb folks), hit the gym, Mom will take me shopping because while yes I’m turning 25 I’m still my mama’s baby, have a fam dinner, apply for some jobs because #unemployed, and reflect.

Yes, reflect.

And I’ve already started. For me, 25 is arriving loud and proud with a lot of life changes. I ended my contract job that I’ve worked the past two years leaving me unemployed and looking for my next steps (hint: I have no clue what I’m doing), I finally moved back to the Chicago area after being between Michigan, Indiana, California, and New York the past 6 years (and yes, I’m crashing with the rents), and because I’ve been a whirlwind traveler, I’ve lost touch with many of my local friends and life seems to have gone on without me.

And yet, amidst all of this craziness, I (for a moment), found myself getting annoyed that I am NOT that girl that gets parties thrown for her, as if my birthday is irrelevant if I don’t have an instagram pic “candidly” posing in front of shiny balloons reading “twenty-five” in a slammin’ dress captioned something like “Just trying to forget my quarter-life crisis”. But I quickly remembered that I was being absolutely ridiculous because I don’t need a boozy night to go celebrate my life.

Maybe it’s because 25 is bringing about a new adult-esque mindset (insert any applicable adulting meme), or maybe it’s because sometimes (not all the time) I’m too chill for my own good, but I’m pretty excited to celebrate my birthday by living out a pretty average day with just a few tweaks– LOTS of treats and intentionally being grateful.

I’m #blessed and have been for all 25 years of my life. Although I can already tell that year 25 is going to be crazy and life changing, I’m excited. It’s gonna be big, it’s gonna be wild, and hopefully in all the best ways. Why celebrate just one night when 25 reaaaally deserves the whole damn year?

So to celebrate my 25th, I’m going to be celebrating every day, be grateful every day, thrive every day.

Cue, “The 25 Series“. 

Throughout the year, The 25 Series” will consists of list posts of, you guessed it, “25” of whatever I feel like talking about that day. I’m going to use it as a way to document the year, but I hope you find as much enjoyment out of it as I do.

And I already have one queued up for the big day 🙂

So, cheers (almost) to my birthday, and all of my birthday buddies who were born on the best day of the year.


thrive & be bold.


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