Self-care Sunday – My current obsessions!

In the age of self-care being at the forefront of beauty and health trends (with no signs of slowing down moving into 2018), I thought I’d share a few of my go-to favorites that I have on hand right now!

With dry winter air, holiday indulgences and busy schedules in full swing, it’s quite the task trying to take care of yourself! But when I get the chance (this weekend was a much needed relaxing one!), I make sure to take a few moments to give my skin and curly locks the love they desperately need! bioclarity

Alright, you all should know by now that I’m a huge Bachelor fan, if only for the mere fact that it provides me something hilarious to watch and recap with my long-distance best friend, Elizabeth, every week. Well, I found this little gem from listening to my girl Ashley Iaconetti’s “I Don’t Get It” Podcast (not an endorsed plug, but you should listen to it). She kept promoting it during her podcast (#sponsored), and for a while I thought meh, she’s getting paid to praise it. But, as many of you also know, I’ve been dealing with some hormonal imbalances which is a breeding ground for acne problems. At a certain point, I got desperate, and using the code she provides in her podcast, I gave it a try.

I can HAPPILY say it has helped SO much!! Not only does it work, it doesn’t come along with any of the nasty side effects such as irritation and stinging that are often associated with astringent facial cleansers and acne products. It’s derived from all natural products, which is something I can get behind! If you’re interested in trying, I highly suggest listening to the podcast to grab that code to get your first month supply for less than $10!! What a STEAL.

biooilOkay guys, this stuff above is not just for stretch marks. Because of the before-mentioned acne troubles I have been plagued with the past few months, I’ve been left with some lovely scars and dark spots. While this stuff is no miracle worker in the sense of timeliness, if you’re consistent with it, it really does fade dark spots and scars pretty nicely. I just dab a bit on at night before I moisturize! (And no, for those of you concerned about putting MORE oil on your face, it does not cause any more acne #promise).

mymatchaThis stick is my new best friend. For real. I have followed Cocokind on instagram for AGES, but never pulled the trigger to try it until a co-worker whipped it out of her bag one day and started smearing it under her eyes. I naturally inquired what she was doing, and she began ranting and raving about this product! So, now that I’ve tried it for myself, let me assure you that this little, chunky stick is a multi-purpose miracle maker. I use it on my lips, under my eyes, on acne spots and any place I need a little extra moisture during these dry months. Smooth, creamy and anti-inflammatory, this stick packs the punch of all of matcha’s benefits.originsSo, this is not actually the charcoal mask I’m currently using (I found mine at Marshall’s and could not seem to find a link online), I’ve heard nothing but great things about Origins, so I’ve linked that one instead! BUT! In general, you need to get your hands on an active charcoal mask. Not only has it helped with my acne, it always leaves my skin feeling wonderfully smooth and squeaky clean. I’ve been applying a charcoal mask 1-2 times a week, and honestly, my face feels like a baby’s bum in all the best ways. Grab yours at TJMaxx/Marshalls (they always have an array of brands on the shelf),, or if you’re feeling adventurous and don’t mind a little mess, check out these DIY recipes and make your own!

NexxusFinally, don’t neglect your strands! Being a curly headed gal myself, keeping my hair properly moisturized is always a concern of mine, especially in the winter. Tip number one is not to over-wash (gotta keep those natural oils!), but tip number two is to always have a go-to masque or deep conditioner. I picked up this Nexxus Vitall 8-in-1 Rejuvenating Masque from CVS the other night, and I LOVED it! I woke up the next morning with my hair feeling SO soft and silky. Full of coconut oil and protein (yes, your hair needs protein, too!), my curls were thanking me for the extra love! Bonus: it smells divine!

If you end up trying any of these products, I’d love to hear your thoughts! (I know you’ll love them, thought). What are your favorite skin-care favorites for the winter? Something else I’m struggling with is bumpy skin during these dry months. Do you have a favorite moisturizer that helps with this? Comment below!


thrive & be bold.



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