We all scream for pineapple!

If you would have placed this quirky lookin' fruit in front of me as a child, I would have quickly and adamantly turned you away (although I don't think I ever actually tried it-- what can I say, I was a picky child). But currently, I'm having a love affair with these spiky balls of … Continue reading We all scream for pineapple!


Quest Hero to the rescue! (Kinda)

If you know me at all, I'm all about finding macro friendly DELICIOUS foods. So, when Quest introduced their new Hero bars (I'm an avid fan of their norm Cookies 'n' Creme and recent Mocha protein bars), I, of course, had to get my hands on them ASAP. Quest, using Gabby Douglas as spokeswoman for … Continue reading Quest Hero to the rescue! (Kinda)